I’m Jason. Rescued by Jesus. Married to the beautiful Jamie. Part of a family that I value highly. Befriended by some really awesome people. Owner of the most awesome free dog in the history of man. Always ready for a laugh. Borderline OCD. Love the Chicago Cubs. Love Alabama football. Fantasy Football guru (maybe I’m exaggerating). Slowly developing a fondness for all that is technology. Everything else is minute details.

There are a few reasons for this site.

1 – I have recently felt increasingly more aware that I should be doing a better job of investing in the lives of guys that are younger than myself. I am hoping that this will be an avenue of connection for those that I reach out to.

2 – It is good for me to have a place to put my thoughts down, to look back over what I have thought in the past so that I do not have to relearn the same things over and over again.

3 – If nobody else reads it, I bet you money that my mom will. She thinks I am the coolest.

My hopes as I enter into the world of blogging are that God might use my life in the lives of others and that I might stumble across the heart reflections of some cool people.

So I guess that is it for now.


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